Dyba Tech

Your supplier of Air Cargo Handling Equipment

Dyba Tech designs and provides technological solutions for the physical handling of air cargo pallets & containers (ULD, Unit Load Device).
Solutions ranging from simple base products such as roller decks and slave pallets, to advanced semi-automatic handling systems. Our solutions are applied at airports by air cargo handlers, forwarders and other logistics service providers.


Dyba Tech offers total solutions, because no two environments and operations are the same. Our total solutions are built up from standard components, such as roller decks, castor decks, etc., which are designed in a modular way and therefore retain their value.

The total solutions ensure that our systems work as a coherent system, rather than just a collection of components.

Our system solutions are divided into 3 categories:

Storage of empty ULDs

Storage and build up / break down ULDs

Truck loading / unloading ULDs


Our delivery program consists largely of standard off-the-shelf products. Such as pallet and container storage, roller decks, slave pallets, etc. On our product page you’ll find an overview of all of our standard products.


Dyba Tech assigns great value to good advice. First of all, we must determine the base principles together. Based on the following factors, among other things:

– The number of ULDs to be handled per time unit
– The types of ULDs to be handled
– The available space
– Possible presence of an existing handling system

Based on these factors Dyba Tech can make a proposal for a proper configuration that fits your budget.

Base principles include functionality, high productivity, and reliability.

For new construction projects, we are pleased to advise you from the early stage. This gives us the advantage to be able to fit in equipment with the architectural design, with minimal disruption during the construction and installation process. This benefits all parties involved.

For example: building pits for truckdocks, electrical power supplies, but also the correct dimensions of dock doors.

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