Dyba Stacking Rack SR51 Pallets


Dyba Pallet Stacking Rack is a heavy-duty steel frame in which empty 10 ft pallets can be easily collected and stacked. After creating a stack of up to 20 pallets with a forklift, the stack is prepared for strapping, transport to a truck or airplane or for internal storage in Dyba Storage Rack SR01. These racks facilitate sorting and storing pallets per airliner.

Features / specifications:

• Suitable for ULD with base surface 125”x96” (P6P base; e.g. PMC, PAG, PAJ, PLA)
• Overall dimensions: 3500 x 2760 x 1300 mm (l x w x h)
• Capacity per stack: 20 pallets
• With special pockets for moving easily with a forklift
• Easily stackable
• Easy for shipping due compact packing


• Can be painted in any RAL colour
• Surface treatment: galvanised
• Available for ULD with base surface 125”x88” (P1P base)

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