Dyba Truckdock TD01 10ft with castordeck


Dyba Truckdock TD01 is a lift system to bridge the difference between cargo trailer and the warehouse system during loading and unloading of ULDs. The truckdock consists of a scissor lift and a transfer deck for moving the ULDs. Suitable for use inside and outside of the warehouse. The movement of ULDs on the castordeck is by manpower.

Features / specifications:

• Suitable for ULD with base surface 125”x96”
• Operating height: adjustable 508 to 1808 mm
• Transfer deck surface: with castor wheels Ø58
• Overall dimensions: 4000 x 2800 mm (l x w)
• Maximum load capacity: 6.800 kgs
• With anti-slip walkways between castor wheels
• Lift speed: 5 mtr / min
• Power supply lift 7,5 kW


• With rising ram protection: non driven or with driven roller
• Movable operator platform(s)
• Operator platform with cabin
• Automatic operated ULD stops
• Winch with pulling force of 1.000 kgs
• With integrated weighing system 6.800 kgs
• Can be painted in any RAL colour
• Surface treatment: galvanised
• Extra ULD stops
• With powered unit wheels
• With a canopy

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