Because no two environments and operations are the same, Dyba Tech offers custom total solutions. Our total solutions are built from standard components, such as roller decks, castor decks, etc. And are modular in design, and therefore retain their value.

Our total solutions ensure that our systems work as a coherent system, rather than just a collection of components.

To design a suitable solution, a number of factors are important:
– Use on land and/or airside
– Import and/or export
– The available business space
– Possible presence of an existing handling system
– The number of ULDs to be handled per time unit
– The types of ULDs to handle
– Future flexibility, to scale up or down in capacity
– Cost / benefit (TCO, Total Cost of Ownership)

Because of these factors, many solutions are possible.

For clarification purposes, our solutions are divided into 3 categories below:

Storage of empty ULDs

Storage and build up / break down ULDs

Truck loading / unloading ULDs